Louis Tomlinson has confirmed plans to enter the field soon.

The singer signed a contract with the local team Doncaster, Doncaster Rovers last year, aiming to raise money for a children’s hospital.

He would play in a match in the reserve team but can not attend due to an injury.

Anyway, the singer confirmed that he will play for the team in March, before the group hit the road with their tour of stadiums, Where We Are Tour.

Tomlinson said: “We have a few months off now, but generally we are on tour and I do not have the opportunity to see the Rovers so often. Six months ago I was playing with one of the boys club and play became a reality and I’m on the team! I’m a fan since I was small, and often come to games with my dad and grandfather. I am a registered player. We are planning a game as a substitute in March before the band go on tour in April.”

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